Artist-in-Residence at Webster Hill

FInders Keepers Audience

In September, the lovely people at Webster Hill Elementary contacted me about doing a program there.  This is not unusual.  But what was different about this request was that it wasn’t about my books, or even illustrations.  It was about rocks.  You see, I am also an artist and a few years ago I – along with the artist group that I belong to – started something in town called Finders Keepers.  Each year in December, a group of artists paint and decorate rocks and we hide them in town, giving clues each day.  It’s a fun event that is totally free for the finders and a great way to connect local artists with their community.

Webster Hill School wanted me to bring the aspects of community sharing and generosity into the presentation.  So I did.  I spent the next two months writing and illustrating a story called Art of Giving in which a boy named Art paints rocks and gives them to people as a way for him to have fun and make friends.

Art of Giving

Then I talked about Finders Keepers and we played some find-the-rock-in-the-picture games.

At the end, I gave them a brief tutorial of how to paint rocks.  I wanted them to be prepared for the rest of my visit, rock painting in the art room.

For the next four days, I took every class through rock painting lessons.  The Kindergarteners and First Graders painted bugs.


IMG_1038 (1)

The Second and Third Graders painted birds.


And the Fourth and Fifth Graders painted octopus rocks.



They all did a really fabulous job.  HUGE THANKS to the teachers, students, and the PTO of Webster Hill School for having me in.  What an honor and a treat!