Skyp-ish Author Visit Part 1: Reading Wink

Hi.  I’ve been doing Skype Author visits for about a year now.  But recently, I had some internet problems and I got freaked out that I would lose service in the middle of a Skype visit.  So I had the idea to make a couple videos of what a Skype visit with me is like.  That way, if I’m having technical issues, you can pull up these videos and it’s almost as good as having me there live.

This is Part 1, where I read my book, Wink: The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed.  When you are done, if you’d like to continue the Skyp-ish visit, please scroll down to Part 2: Collage Demonstration.  If you’d like to book a free 30-minute Skype Author Visit with me, please go to my Contact Page and send me an email.  Thanks!  Enjoy!


Skyp-ish Author Visit Part 2: Collage Demonstration

Here’s the second part of my Skyp-ish Author Visit – the demo.  If you want to work along with me, you’ll need: pencil, scissors, glue, black marker, large sheet of background paper, large sheet of black, small sheet of flesh tone paper, smaller piece of white, and I do some bamboo – so you’ll need some shade of green for leaves and some paper that looks bamboo-ish, or brown.


Ninja Brownies

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging with a lovely troop of Brownies.  I was a Brownie.  I wore the brown sash.  I sold the cookies.  The whole she-bang.

These lovely ladies had a ton of enthusiasm and we did something new: a ninja read-along.  Enough of them had bought their own books, so when one asked if she could read along with me, I said, “Sure!”







After reading, I talked about the process of making the book – ever so briefly. Then we made our own collage ninja. I was particularly charmed by this Ninja Cat. I think there’s a book there!


BIG THANKS to the Brownies for having me in. I had a great time with you all!