Forty-Six Skype Visits

Scenes from my Skype Author Visits

Scenes from my Skype Author Visits


In March, I signed up with Skype in the Classroom to do 30-minute Skype Author Visits.  It’s a virtual world, people, and this is the way things are moving.  Part of me loves this, because I really don’t like to travel very much.  But there is something very nice about going into a school, meeting children and teachers, and working with the kids.  Plus – when I go to a school they buy books and I get paid.  That’s always nice.  Skype visits are free.  Well, as of right now they are free.  If and when I ever become a big wig, I can charge.  Mwah-ha-ha, money, money, money.  But until that time, I’m fine with free.

Another bonus is that teachers send me these great shots of my big face on a giant screen looking silly, and shots of the fabulous collage creations the kids make after they speak with me (and sometimes before.)  I love that!

After 46 visits in 3 months, I have learned a few things about doing Skype Visits.  If you’re an author or illustrator or something who wants to know more about Skyping, check out my blog post.

Thanks for dropping in.  Enjoy the site!