Before and During at Duffy School


I love a nice, neat table set up with all the supplies needed to make art.  Look how clean and orderly …. ahhhhh.

Then I love the beautiful chaos that is created when the children come and draw, cut, and glue – making a magnificent mess of the best kind.  And art.  They’re making art, too.

I just completed a lovely 2-day visit at the Louise Duffy School and had lots of fun working with the Kindergarteners and First Graders on Illustration and The Simples Love a Picnic on Day 1.  Day 2 was all about Wink and ninjas with the Second Graders.  We made Dreaming Ninja collages and the kids drew whatever dream their ninja was having.  This artist ninja is just TOO CUTE!

BIG THANKS to Jill Dailey, the superb media specialist who has had me in time and again, and everyone at Duffy School!  It feels like a second home to me!  Go Duffy!